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About us

Our business has been established since 2002.

In 2002-2014 our optical stores are located right in the heart of the tourist areas of Phuket Thailand. Our new and repeated customers were from all over the world. In 2004 we received the GOLD AWARD trophy from HOYA JAPAN Headquarter. The Outstanding Achievement Award signifies our continuing improvement and a continuing outstanding sale records of the progressive type of their top optical lenses in the PAN PACIFIC region of the world. From the start up to the year of 2014, we made progressive eyeglasses to more than 20,000 customers. We are proud to say that we have gained a lot of experiences with various people from all over the world, and from simple, general, hard, and to very difficult eyesight problems. We understand that our suggestions are crucial and our optical measurements and assembling eyeglasses need to be very precise. As everybody expects a 100% result from us, we make sure that we maintain only the high standards at work. Our experiences have shaped us to be who we are now today.

In our company history, we once started up our very own optical lens laboratory and had operated it for quite some time. The main reason of running the factory is to cater to our customers’ different needs, things that the big optical lens companies could not do for us such as the Astigmatism that is more than 7.00, the Prism value of more than 8, etc.

Having gained the experience in running this optical lens laboratory ourselves, we have learned a lot about how to source in and how to produce different lenses. Calculations came in to play a big part. Easy job does not teach people much lessons, difficult job does. Although that difficult job did not really give us profits, it allowed us to prove ourselves that we can learn and overcome any obstacles. We have achieved our purpose.

Over a period of time, the tourist markets in our region have changed.

In 2014, we opened our latest optical store in the Phuket Town where the locals live. Since then, we have initiated a donation project for our local community.

Today, we are ready to receive orders online through our website www.easybuyeyeglasses.com, we are able to produce eyeglasses and dispatch them to all over the world. We have used all of our experiences to create a prescription reading system. This is so that our customers are able to select the right type of lens to meet their needs. Not only that, it does not have to be unreasonably expensive, nor it is expensive and still not getting suitable lenses for the specific eye prescription. We have the accurate Pupillary Distance (PD) reading system that is able to see if the selected optical frame matches the optical lenses that the customer needs. It is very important to have the skills and techniques to assess prescriptions and then provide accurate advice on the right optical lenses and the right fitting of lenses and frame, especially for the progressive lens user and for the person with the presbyopia problem.


Over the past years, we have donated a number of individual prescription eyeglasses to the poor both adults and young children, over 4,000 cases. It is one of the policies we would like to carry out alongside with our business. We believe that truly it is the opportunity that we could contribute to the community we live in by using our skills and expertise. It is the simplest and the most straight forward thing to do.

There are a lot of people who think that they have eyesight problems, some think that their eyesight is deteriorating permanently, causing some of them to give up on their jobs or some lose a job and some think that they have limited job opportunities, all because of their eyesight problems. After we have spread the news about our free services and free selected frames and optical lenses, these people came to us and finally have found out that their eyesight can actually be recovered and improved by using the right prescription eyeglasses. They have more confidence to get and perform the jobs well.

Particularly the students from very low income families, most of them do not know if they currently have poor eyesight, for example, inability to see what teachers have written on the board. This probably has affected their studies and exam results. Perhaps, they do not tell their parents or teachers. After receiving our service, their student life have changed in a positive way. We want those students with much less spending opportunity to be able to study better like other students. We want to help shaping the future of those students.