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Dispensing a good pair of prescription eyeglasses

The most important thing is the accuracy in examining the eyes. As for the process of interpreting the numbers on your eye prescription, if the prescribed numbers are slightly lower than the actual measurement then the eyeglasses user can adapt easily to the new eyeglasses. However, if the prescribed numbers are exactly like the actual measurement or a little bit stronger, then it may not provide a good result when using the eyeglasses. Also, if the astigmatism numbers provided are incorrect, then it will cause dizziness and the user will not enjoy using the eyeglasses. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have your eyes checked with an experienced optician.

The second most important factor to be considered is the fittings of the lenses to the frame. The prescribed optical lenses have to be well positioned and centered to the frame. If the numbers of the eyesight are not very high, then the inaccuracy may be acceptable because the user does not feel the difference that much. However, if the user’s eyesight needs high numbers (approximately 2.00 or higher), then the accuracy is very important. The deviation should not exceed 1-2 mm. It is even more important to a Progressive Lens user with regards to the accuracy. This is because progressive lenses are the preferred choice for the Presbyopia Correction. The deviation cannot be more than 1.5 mm. With our method when purchasing eyeglasses with us through our website, www.easybuyeyeglasses.com, we make sure that we can prevent the chances of the deviation by asking the buyer to upload the picture of your face with a ruler (centimeters) across your forehead. There will be an example picture in the Register process.

As for our optical frames, we have divided them into 3 groups.

‘Special price’ group is the frames that are on special discounts and usually lower than the in-store selling price.

‘Exceptionally low price’ group is the designer eyeglass frames and high quality frames that we still have had in our stock for quite some time.

‘'Frame for free' promotion’ group is the general eyeglass frames that are of medium quality, reasonable price, that we have had them in our stock for a long time so we select these frames for those who want to buy only the optical lenses with us. Please note that the ‘'Frame for free' promotion’ group is not available if choose the cheapest stock lens.

** Please be noted that the frames you see on our website are what we really have available in stock and ready to be purchased, dispensed, and dispatched to you right away. It is not our method to put up on our website pictures of frames and then order them with our supplier when we get a customer order; that way will make the buying process longer and uncertain.

How we sell prescription eyeglasses online

We have comprised our long term experiences together with our expertise in interpreting eye test results, we have carefully considered and have come up with this Screening System on our website. For example, there are many types of optical lenses and some extra special features nowadays, buyers can be unsure of what to buy. Our Screening System will help our buyers to narrow down of what is right for the buyer’s eye prescription, whether it be the thickness and thinness of the optical lens to suit the numbers of the eye prescription e.g. Not very high eye numbers can use Normal Index of 1.5, Thin Lens of Index 1.6 for high eye numbers, and Thinner Lens of Index 1.67 and Thinnest lens of Index 1.7 for even higher eye numbers accordingly. Also, the Screening System will not only screen and recommend the Vision Field for a particular eye prescription, but also the coating for your optical lenses.

The buyer will only need to Register and then fill in the eye prescription numbers in the first step of the process, and then our Screening System will help guiding you along the way and step by step. When you reach the end of the process, the summary of your order will come up and this will also entail the price and the timeframe it needs to make the pair of eyeglasses, just like an expert.

The order summary will show clearly the price for the frame, for the lens, for the shipment, and the total price. Our process is designed to be user friendly and uncomplicated.

Return policy

The most important factor in having a good pair of eyeglasses is to get the right eye examination. The process of our work at www.easybuyeyeglasses.com is that our buyers put in our system their recent eye prescriptions they get from their trusted optician or optometrist. , Eye Dortor. This is to prevent any problem that may happen after receiving the eyeglasses.

At www.easybuyeyeglasses.com, we select only the optical lens from the established companies. In the Progressive lens made from the free form technology, most of the times the lens errors happen during the production process. This is the main reason why the user feeling uncomfortable when using the eyeglasses. Therefore, we only select the specific lenses that have no error to be sold on our website. We ensure it with our screening system from checking with the face picture provided by the buyers, and make sure that we make the right fitting of the lens to the frame that the buyer chose. Hence, this means that if the prescription is correct, the lens is of good quality with no error, and the fitting of the lens to the frame is accurate, the final result of the product will be satisfactory.

However, there may be some cases that customers are not satisfied with the products after receiving the delivery, whether it be from the actual eyeglasses, the shape, the colour, or the size. Here are the conditions that we provide: Customers can contact us to return the product within 30 days after the receiving date, details are as the followings.

Frame: Full Refund 100%

Lens: Refund 50% of the price of the lens

Return Shipping : Customers pay for it

Any import/export Tax : Customers pay for it

Customers will get a refund after we have received the product back.
The refund will be processed through the paypal.com only.